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Friday, January 28, 2005



Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's been a long time 

Hey guys! I just decided to write here for the first time in forever... sorry about that..

Right now in my life everything is so confusing... Sometimes I hate high school and sometimes I love it..
It is good to have someone to spill to again..

Yeah... I just want everything to work out...

Lemme tell you a story.. I have a little brother named David.. and well he is depressed.. and my mother only ever talks to me about him.. it makes me really sad because I'm just like this shadow looming over him.. nothing more than that.. and I just feel sort of alone right now in this world... it is hard.. pretending to be so strong... Why does it all have to be a lie.. but anyway.. I am just a little sad right now.. Hopefully the party I am going to on Saturday will make things better.. *sigh*

Another problem is that in Kings Court.. the choir I got moved up to.. I can't sing with the Ensemble because I am a freshman and they had to cut 2 people to make the mark.. so that is also getting me down... Just tired too.. lotsa work from my X classes not to mention ICC outside school.. no time to not pretend...

huggles guys! See you all laters...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Performing Arts... and Other Stuffs 

Heya people! Sorry I did not write yesterday -- baaaad Certo! >.>

I have been super busy the past two days and haven't been home much, so let's catch up!

Here's what happened yesterday:

I woke up at 5:31 AM (remember I said I needed a new routine.. here's what happened when I tried) and screwed up the lightbulb in my lamp, got up and had to turn on the light on the other side of the room.. then laid back down until about 5:40 and got up for a shower.. then I got online, went to school.

In German, all we did was review for the final (again). I was sitting in my seat falling asleep.. >.> Damn teacher not doing anything fun!

Band was eh as well... I screwed up on my solo and little did I know that was the last time I was probably going to play it.. That's right folks.. there are now two first chairs; for some reason I offered to let Katherine play the solo.. My life is so odd..

Biology... that wasn't so bad.. but I forgot what we did now! lol

Study Hall -- sleep! I didn't do my Algebra again. Silly Mrs. Ramey giving us homework every night. >.>

Algebra was okay.. same ol' same ol'... lol

Lunch was coolness 'cause I played Slime Volleyball by myself and actually did some what okay.. lol

Accents... mooooore dancing.. this makes me so exhausted.. because I'm already tired, and dancing using all my energy is not a good way to leave off for 10th period.. But I LOVE dancing.. even if i suck.. lol

English was okay! I got to play the chorus in the play called "Antigone!" Whooo =) Good times!

Got home and went online, chatted it up with the Illuminati, some outside of the IRC hehe.

CA Performance! This was okay.. stupid choir drama.. but whatever cause we got to sing with the tiny chillun!!! I saw my buddy named Josh who is in that choir. ^^ He's a cute little guy! The same age as my brother ^^

Okay.. well now this is Sunday instead of Friday... so let's catch up on the past days that I missed out on.. lol


I was super extra tired all day cause of lack of sleep... Stupid sleep...

German was pretty good! We watched a British movie and I was like, "AHHHHH BRITISH PEOPLE!!!" Cause I looooooove British people.. lol....

Band was okay... Katherine did all right on the solo.. but my friend Alex (the first chair sax player) came up to me and said, "You did a better job on the solo than her!" Alex rocks sometimes. ^^

Biology.. we had a stupid quiz! It was not too bad.. I had to guess on some of them.. lol.. I think I got like a B. ^^;

Study Hall, I read some more of White Oleander, didn't do my Algebra again, and slept! Heh.. I'm a bad girl! ^^; but that's okay since I'm acing Algebra anyway. lol

Algebra was bleh.. lol

Lunch was cool cause I beat Daniel at Slime Volleyball! Go girl gamers go!!

Accents rocked!!!!!!! We went into the auditorium to run through our performance, and I got to sing my solo! It made me super extra nervous to sing in there cause our auditorium can seat like 1,000 people, so it was super big! >.< I hope I do well on my solo! We also did our dance! We are getting so good! ^^

English was all right; we have a test on Monday over Antigone, though.. Stupid thing! We read it in class, and I don't think the test will be too bad! Wish me luck! ^^

After school I stayed for dance practice. ^^ King's Court singers were there, and they watched us! They really really really liked it! ^^ Which is super awesome cause it took us a week to learn the dances, and we had them perfected! ^^ Accents roxxors!

Then I went home and got chatted up by all my awesome Illuminati friends! Did that till 2 AM >.< then caught some zzz's.


I was forced to wake up at 10 AM and go to Pep Band >.> It was not that bad, but I just didn't want to get up lol.
Pep Band was coolness; both the JV and Varsity Basketball teams won! ^^ And, during halftime, I talked a bit to my friend Alex, Katherine, Mr. Granlund (the band teacher), and made some new friends who are like, sophmores, juniors, and seniors. hehe So, that was coolness.

I got home from that around 3:30 PM, talked to my buds on IRC and AIM for a bit, then headed over to Broad Ripple. I got an awesome fajita at Qdoba (this super cool mexican fast food place that has really really really good food). Then, my brother and I headed over to Netheads! Can you say T1 line and FFXI for $6 an hour???? =D

I hung with the awesome Miss Sabarath and Lodestar! It was a blast! Sabarath Powerleveled Lodestar and myself, and I got to level 10 Dragoon before my mother forced me to get off and come home... -_-

When I got home, I stayed up until about 2 AM again.. >.> But it was super cool! So whatever!


Woke up at about 10:30.. got online.. and that's pretty much all i did today! =D hehe

Um.. I have to do a lot of assignments and stuff for tomorrow.. so that's going to fill the rest of the evening, as well as me watching a movie quite possibly!

Well, there we go! All caught up! I think I'm going to screw around with the HTML of this blog a bit to make it look better than it does now! Don't like this layout much!

*huggles* See you all laters!

Thanks for reading! ^^

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Busy and Falling 

Hello all you people! You could be a friend, you could be a stranger, who knows who you are reading this right now. This is my new journal I suppose; I have not kept one for quite a long time, but I feel that I need somewhere to keep my thoughts.. my life is extremely busy right now. It is hard to hold on to so much at this point in my life; I need somewhere to keep the details.. so here it is. Welcome I suppose.. welcome to my life.

Today.. we shall start off with that. I got to think quite a bit more than usual; it was the same old getting up at 5:40 AM, showering, getting online to talk to *cough*, stuffing food in my mouth, and running for the bus. Sequential... I need a new routine..

So anyway. Got to school.. l saw that my friend Marie wasn't there when i went to her locker; this was almost a relief because I was getting tired of listening to her drone on about DJ.. >.> That's a long story.. maybe to be told in a later entry.. don't wanna go over it right now though.

Then, off to German! Usually funness, but we spent the whole stupid period studying for finals exams... which I really do not want to think about as it is... /sigh

Band was eh.. the stupid second chair trumpet girl (I'm first chair lol) challenged me... she wants my spot so bad.. But, I think I did all right.. I hope I keep my chair.. >.> But, the baaaaad part was when I messed up on my solo cause I ran out of air... =\ Oh well... It'll be better tomorrow.

Then I had Biology... it was sooooooooo confusing today.. stupid X classes... We had to do this tough lab using recombiant DNA to make a something glow.. and we did not finish at all.. it was hard hard hard...

Study Hall was next! I'm reading this superb book called White Oleander! It is about this girl around my age.. but anyway its cool. I also fell asleep instead of doing my Algebra! wheee lol

Algebra was okay.. today was the first time in forever that I actually got really into what the teacher was saying.. usually I'm sitting there bored out of my mine because the other children can't get the concepts as fast as I can... lol

Lunch was okay.. I played Slime Volleyball with my friend Daniel and he beat me... >.> I suck...
You can play here: http://tartarus.uwa.edu.au/%7Ewedgey/slime1/

Choir was tiring.. dancing in a 100 degree room with 30 other girls is not my idea of a good time.. but besides that we got our song down and it was fun to dance. ^^

English was just a bunch of work.. but it was interesting because I always get very thinking in that class. I love being in English X. =D

I got home.. and got online.. Talked to people, especially *cough* (He knows who he is =D *wink*)

Illuminati news:

I'm also still holding out hope to become a captain.. but not much since I can't play MxO much...

Oh wells! Finals in 2 weeks.. -_- Wish me luck everyone!


Byeas! << lol got that from a book =D


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